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CNET- Help and How To information

How To's for beginners & Experienced users

Help and Info on Spanish ISP's, Broadband, Dial-Up, Telephone charges…and more

PC Technology News




Freeware & Shareware


For 'free' shareware software

The best Shareware and Freeware site


CNET downloads. Safe, Trusted and Virus free

Online Cards


Well known, much used for online Xmas/ Birthday cards

Download Drivers


For lost drivers. Note USER=driver2 and Password = all

Digital Cameras & Photography


Digital Photography tutorials

Digital photography and cameras tutorial

Top 10 mistakes in photographyl

Teach Yourself online:


Beginners and other Courses

Animated tutorials (Flash) on EMail , html etc.

Free Computer courses on Windows and Office

Spyware Removers


Parasites / Spyware detector and fixes

Spybot Search and Destroy

Adaware Spyware remover

Security Information


How to avoid being caught out by 'phishing' emails

Test the security of your Email

Treating infected PC'sl

TCP View-see nasties in action, use msconfig to disable them

An organisation monitoring nasties, info fed in by MCAFEE

An organisation that blocks mis-behaving ISP's (often the Spanish ones)

Information about E-mail scams and hoaxes

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