Using VPN on an iPad

First you need a reasonable 2MB speed. Search in browser for a VPN provider.
Put in search for IPTV or VPN for iPad.
Some are free but with adverts such as; Ex Pat Shield. And others are by subscription.
When you have your VPN provider info and configuration numbers follow as below.

1) Press the "Settings" icon on your iPad.

2) Scroll down and press "General."

3) Press "Network" and then press "VPN."

4) Press "Add VPN Configuration…"

5) Select the type of VPN configuration as specified by your network administrator. See types are L2TP, PPTP and IPSec. I use PPTP.

6) Type in a "Description" for the VPN you are configuring. i e the Server Company

7) Type in the "Server" information as specified by your network administrator.

8) Type in the user name given for setting up your "Account" such as first part of Email address without the @ ¬¬- - - -
9) Toggle the "RSA SecurID" switch to "Off,"
(this can depend on the settings for your particular VPN)
10) Add password
11) Send all traffic ‘ON’
Configure the "Proxy" Off or if required by your network to Manual or Auto.
At the top Press "Save." Ok!

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