Viral Marketing / Advertising

Viral Marketing / Advertising

Source material for a presentation given by Chris Betterton Jones on Thursday October 15th
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Viral Marketing and Advertising is basically about getting people to talk about products or services and using the power of the internet to pass the message around. Like a virus, the "message" spreads in a cascade and can reach millions at low cost. It can be very successful…or backfire…and can be used to attack as well as advertise a product

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Recent story: Movie - "Paranormal Activity"

Paranormal Activity: The budget horror film shot on a camcorder dubbed 'the new Blair Witch' | Mail


BBC NEWS | Business | Web campaign prompts Wispa return

The return of the wispa - Base Creative Agency, Bournemouth, Dorset

Indirect viral ads

Pop Corn Video

YouTube - So mobile phones are safe they say???

Japan iphone Cook Popcorn - Filestube Video Search

IVideo - - Popcorn viral explanation

Spoof ads

YouTube - Ford Sportka unofficial video

YouTube - Tipping Pot (Guinness Spoof)


United Airlines breaks a musician's guitar.
You Tube - video

Story on BBC News:

Direct, classy Advertisements

Johnnie Walker - Invisible in Sydney

Johnnie Walker - The Man Who Walked Around The World –

Websites which compile virals and viral ads.

Collections of funny videos, movies, pictures, games and jokes

Top 10 virals from 2008 - not ads

Campaign's top 10 virals of 2008 - advertising news - Campaign

Organ Grinder: Top 10 viral ads of 2008 | Media |

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