Video Editing Group

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Fancy being a Cecil B. De-Mille and direct your own movie?
Would you like to make your home movies interesting and fun to watch?
How about sending your home video to friends and family on a disc?
Would you like to post your video on the web?

The Video Editing Group meets on the last Thursday of each Month (see Club programme for details)


Group Leader- John Jardine

The Group Leader, John Jardine, can be contacted at the following email address….. moc.liamg|gnitideoedivccj#moc.liamg|gnitideoedivccj
The Group has a dedicated email account for messages for all the Group…….. moc.spuorgelgoog|gnitideoedivccj#moc.spuorgelgoog|gnitideoedivccj
At our meetings we show members' videos, discuss and demonstrate editing techniques, and provide one on one support to beginners and more experienced video editors alike. We also have tutorials on improving techniques in capturing, editing, and improving your home movies.

Group members have a wide range of ability from beginners to experienced, and their skills are openly shared via the group session.

The Club provides a dedicated computer for members to practice on and it is loaded with the latest “Power Director 16” video editing software and essential "plug-ins" to create those "special effects".

Want some help in getting started with Video Editing?
Check out Sylvia's helpful Tutorials using Windows Movie Maker

Lesson 1: Views
Lesson 2: Collections
Lesson 3: Importing from Video Camera
Lesson 4: Importing Video Clips from Computer
Lesson 5: Importing from Still Photos & Music from computer
Lesson 6: First Video Project
Lesson 7: Save Project & Publish
Lesson 8: Titles
Voila! Sample Finished Project

Members participate in……..

  • Capture video from the camcorder to PC
  • Edit out uninteresting bits
  • Add background music
  • Insert voice-overs
  • Create stunning titles
  • Add Special effects
  • Make DVDs and SCVDs of finished movie

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