TV PC Connectivity Group - meeting1

The first meeting of this group went off with a great deal of enthusiasm, with some questions answered and many more raised.

Fredrik demonstrated his mini PC which has HDMI out to the TV and a WiFi connection to the Internet. With this neat Windows PC as a kind of media server, Fredrik can watch streaming TV from the Internet as well as downloaded movies. The TV is basically a giant PC monitor, so with a wireless 3D mouse he can also browse the Internet from the comfort of his sofa.

One member struggled to get a Wireless VGA/HDMI dongle and receiver to work (next time he'll bring in the instruction booklet so we can see where we are going wrong) and Terry showed off his Cyclone mini HDMI Media Player adaptor. For an amazing 20 pounds, this little box connects a TV via HDMI to media files stored on external USB drives and SD cards and seems to play almost all the video files we could throw at it, including HD formats. It also plays music and photos - but we were only interested in video.

Another member had problems getting the HDMI output from his laptop to transmit sound (he'll bring his laptop in next time) and Chris showed off an HD media file which she had edited using TS Doctor - it played more smoothly through Terry's box than on her PC with VLC media player (definitely some tweaking required hereā€¦.)

We'll get together again in two weeks time with more problems and ideas. Not sure what to connect to what how with your TV set up?? Come and join us. All welcome.

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