Tablet Review
  • Smartphone: These days: touch screen, WiFi, Blu Tooth, G3 data, GPS, browsing, e-mails, music, movies, camera, sd card storage - does most things a tablet can do.. but small screen…and it can make phone calls
  • Phablet: large smartphones - between 5-7 inches screen
  • Tablet: even larger screen - but no phone capability

Powerful mini computers with touch screens

In the beginning was the iPhone, now many competitors.

What's your "Ecosystem" ?:

  • Apple ios - iPad - Solid and stable - ties you in to apple services: iTunes, iCloud etc.
  • Google Android - More customisable and different manufacturers: Google Nexus, Samsung and no-name Chinese - tuned for Google services. Various versions of the operating system named alphabetically after sweet things: Gingerbread / Icecream Sandwich / Honeycomb / Jellybean.
  • Amazon - Kindle Fire - geared up to buying stuff and "consuming" books and videos bought from Amazon
  • Windows 8 - The "Surface" Microsoft's venture into the tablet world.
  • Blackberry - corporate - just re-launched

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