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Who can join?

Membership of The Javea Computer Club WIKI site is available to everyone.
All applications require approval by the Administrators.

What are the benefits of being a member?

Members are able to ask and answer questions raised by other members on the Forum.
Non members are unable to ask or answer questions but are able to view them.

NOTE !! If you haven't already registered with WIKIDOT……..then click HERE for detailed info on how to register

Join the JCC WIKI!…….

If you HAVE already registered at WIKIDOT then LOGIN to your account (top, right) and Scroll to the bottom of this page, there is a box "Application Text"…….enter a few words and click APPLY

It will be received by the JCC wiki Administrator and accepted. (I think you will get a notification , but I'm not sure!)

You are now seeing a new page titled "Javea Computer Club" wiki page.
Scroll down the page and enter a few words in the large BOX titled "Application Text"
Click the APPLY button.

That's it !!!!

The administrators will receive your application and approve it.

You need to have a account and be signed to apply for membership.

if you already have a account


it is worth it and is free

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