Sylvia Winterbottom

Her family have set up a BLOG in her memory and here is the information they have provided…………
I have spoken to many of you about the passing of my Mother on the 5th January. In order to remember her, we have set up a memorial blog which she would have found rather fitting. This has now been set up and we are now ready to start adding content. You can have a look at the blog at:

We would therefore like to ask for any contributions that you would like to make. You will not be able to post directly to the site, so I would ask that you please email any contributions to me at moc.em|mottobretniw.ydnas#moc.em|mottobretniw.ydnas. I suspect that I will be inundated with contributions so please be patient with me in posting your thoughts to the site. Photos would be most welcome too but smallish file sizes please.

Kind regards
Sandy (Sylvia's daughter)

These are links to some of the online tutorials and Web Albums that Sylvia created whilst a Member of JCC.

Lecture Notes





…and here is something odd….!

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