Local Computer Shops

The following list gives information about some local Computer Shops and associated services which Javea Computer Club members have used. It is worth sounding out other members for feedback on which shops are best for which service. Please feel free to provide feedback to Committee Members.


COMPUTER CARE (Javea Pueblo, Carrer D'Avall 43, between Ronda Sur, and Calle Mayor)
Supports Club's Computer Fairs

Jávea shop:

Carrer D'Avall, 43
E-03730 JÁVEA (Alicante)

tel Jávea shop: (+34) 96 579 3599 / (+34) 96 646 2827

Jalón shop:

Avenida Joanot Martorell, 7, local B
E-03727 JALÓN (Alicante)

tel Jalón shop: (+34) 96 648 0018

fax: (+34) 96 579 6134
mob: (+34) 625 322 624
e-mail: se.eracmoc|niwde#se.eracmoc|niwde

web: http://www.comcare.es & http://www.lliberweb.com
online shop: http://www.computercare.es

CIF: B54187620

They have been in business in Javea since 1994. Build pc's 'a la carte' and hold a large stock of components, have their own technical service. Supply Windows 7 and other English software. Dutch proprietors Harold Krol and Edwin Krol have donated large quantities of second-hand PC components to the Club for our programme of refurbishing old PCs for charity. They are regular contributors to Thursday taks with their considerable expertise.

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