Spb User Guide


1. TAP the Home Screen icon to switch from 2D to 3D and vice-versa
OR TAP the screen selection dots at the bottom of any screen.

2. MOVE the dots slider left or right to turn the 3D screens.
Select the one that you want to use.

3. To add app icons go to your App Drawer and HOLD the required icon.

4. You can also PRESS a screen which will pop up a small icon box.
This has selections for: Folder, Empty Panel, Apps, Shell Widget, Android Widget and Shortcut.

5. Selecting "Empty Panel" places a new panel (3D Screen) between the two panels that you are at.
The others do what they indicate.

6. To remove a panel, use 3D mode and then TAP the Panel Icon at the Bottom-Right of your screen.
The screen will split with your current screens on the top and other screens at the bottom.
TAP and hold the unwanted screen and drag it to the bottom row.

7. To move screens just TAP, Hold and Drag either left or right.

8. Home Settings Screen.
While in 3D mode TAP the cogwheel icon at the Bottom-Left of your screen.
This will open the Home Settings screen with the following list:
Appearance, Wallpaper, Widgets, Panels, Experimental and About selections.
Mess about at will !!

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