Sounds great!

As we get older the range of our hearing decreases. On top of that we try to watch TV programs and films which often have appalling sound quality - particularly of speech - on our LCD TVs with tiny speakers facing the wrong way! John White and other members of the Pc TV group demonstrated affordable sound systems which can restore some of the sound quality in the home.
See Four Ways to Add Great Sound to Your TV for the discussion used by John White as the basis of his presentation.

Personal sound

These headphones enable Keith Betterton-Jones to hear TV and radio programs clearly whilst leaving the TV at a comfortable volume for Chris. Features include superior speech intelligibility and good range e.g. enabling use in the garden etc , due to radio transmission.

TV Sound

can be dramatically improved by the simple connection of a sound bar to a digital TV output. Example
These can create a virtual surround sound effect and can be used to amplify other devices e.g. iPod/MP3 player etc.

AV Receivers (was Tuner Amplifier)

typically support multiple HDMI inputs as well as radio and Ethernet. The AV receiver demonstrated by John White provides full 5.1 surround sound which sounds impressive not just for Dolby DVDs but also for all sound sources.

Multi-media Players

Finally John,s EMTEC Movie Cube multimedia box contains a 1TB hard drive to store all your music, movies and photos as well as external USB inputs
The multi-media box contains a one terabyte hard drive. It has its own software installed and is easy to set up via your computer. The output is by HDMI but it has most other connections. It is connected to the computer via USB, which sees it as an external hard drive. Also it has a means of receiving Spanish TV via an Aerial input. Also it can hold hundreds of tunes and hundreds of photos and films. It will play a slide show with music on your TV. Also it has two USB out terminals, which allows you to play films, photos or music from a USB pen drive.

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