Security 2017

To identify dangerous web sites when searching in the browser

Install Avast Online security, or McAfee web advisor
Note that these are installed as extensions/add-ins to your browser

Beware of e.g. software download web sites

such as download.cnet .com, and These often display large DOWNLOAD buttons for less reputable software. If in doubt mouse over the button to see the target URL.

It is always worthwhile scanning the downloaded install file using your AntiVirus program before installing new software.

During installation

  • Read all of the dialogue boxes carefully
  • choose Custom install whenever this is available
  • Untick any check boxes offering additional products

Logging in to new websites.

Sometimes you are given the option to avoid the need for a new password by allowing you to log in with a social media account such as Facebook or Google. This is safe in that the new website will not see or store your Facebook or Google password PROVIDED THAT the site is reputable. If you choose this option and there is any hiccough in logging in, exit immediately and change your Facebook or Google password.

Malware Bytes: Free and paid for versions

Fake Gmail phishing hoax

Gmail: Manage your account access and security settings

Gmail Security Checkup

Gmail Two step verification

Gmail Sign in with your phone instead of a password:
NB: Make sure your phone is Locked !

NB Change your registered mobile phone number with Google when you change your mobile phone number !

Techniques to generate strong passwords.

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