Repetitive Tasks

How to save effort and improve accuracy when performing some Repetitive Tasks


Rename photos in File Explorer
Duplicates Cleaner Windows App

Email processing

Automatic Filter emails

Transfer contacts from old email account. Export to CSV file.

Compare 2 lists

Paste into an Excel column and use these instructions

Creating and analysing a survey

Example: menu choices
Use Google Form to collect e.g. menu choices and analyse/print from a spreadsheet.

Word Processing

Copy text from dialog boxes on web sites. Textify

Add words to Word dictionary to auto-correct

Programming Function Keys

Autokey program

  • Save keystrokes by saving common text e.g. myadddress to a combination of keyboard keys.
  • Auto replace word with string in any program
  • Assign an action to a combination of keyboard keys. e.g search Google using the content of clipboard.

Go straight to favourite websites

The Chrome extension Speed Dial 2 allows a user to organise bookmarks and display them not as links but as thumbnails of the target site.

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