What Our Members get up to.
Very good talk by Chris Duffin on prison's. (in JCC Thursday May 24th 2012)

My own experience was "IN" Gartree Prison, (Mkt. Harborough, Leics.), where they let the Great Train Robbers out via a Helicopter.

A prison Officer wanted to raise some money for the "Children's Ward" in Leicester R.I.
Being a "Biker" he thought of a Bike show. I replied to his his plea for bikes and took a couple of friends with me.

We met Steve the Officer outside and gave us some tips !!. One great big gate opened and fifty bikes entered, all squeezed up tight as the gate shut behind us.
Up front, another great big gate that then opened. Drove through into the yard, parked up and entered the Common room for staff.
"Leave all tools, helmet's, knives, chains etc…..HERE !!! ". "They will be safe" !!

We rode towards the sports area surrounded by thirty foot high chain-link fencing. Overhead were heavy wires with what looked like Belisha beacons threaded through ??

This is where the Helicopter landed and got the Robbers out ….not again !!

All lined up and locked inside, the "Lifers" came in through another gate …..SH….Sugar !!!. About two hundred of them….all murderers !!!!….every one of them.

"What are we doing here"? . I said to my mates.

Anyway, all was well. We chatted to a lot. They even answered our questions as to why they were in there.
Food, drink and music accompanied throughout the very warm sunny day.

Yes, they did let us all out and I took "Best Bike in Show" award. The shield was made in the Prison workshops.

Great memories.
Regards Jeff Waller

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