Setting up a Wifi printer

Be aware that when you get a new WiFi printer it will not automatically connect to your home WiFi network.
The printer needs the WiFi network name (SSID) and WiFi password to do this. However:
• Many WiFi printers have a WiFi Direct mode. In this case the printer creates it’s own WiFi network. The SSID is typically a name that starts with “DIRECT…” and if a password is required it is usually something like “123456789”. In this way you can print from a device near to the printer by connecting the device to this WiFi Direct network. You may need to switch the device back to the home network afterwards.

To connect a WiFi printer to the home network you may be given one or more of the following options.
• Transfer the network login from the router to the printer by pressing the WPS buttons on each.
• Connect the printer temporarily to your computer with a USB cable and transferring the network login using manufacturers setup software.
• Connect a device using WiFi Direct as above and transfer the settings using the manufacturers setup procedure.

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