Personal Technology

Personal Technology - how it is affecting our lives ?

Links to videos and articles used in this presentation given at the JCC On December 1st 2011 by Chris B-J

Personal Devices

Amazon Kindle Fire Official Presentation

Using the Cloud to store and access Your Stuff

promotional video


online digital library that frees you to choose how and where you want to enjoy your movies and TV shows

Personal devices in Business

Mobile Spy

Need to silently record SMS text messages, GPS locations and call info of your child or employee? Learn the TRUTH with Mobile Spy, a completely stealth monitoring program!

Mobile Iron
Secure mobile device management

Protecting Mobile Enterprises

Smartphone Hospital Management system
Voalté demo video:

Small social networks for businesses and organisations.

Sales Force

The Social Enterprise- Connect to customers and employees like never before


Yammer is a simple, scalable solution that lets employees share and connect with coworkers in a private, secure enterprise social network. Collaborate in teams, see what your colleagues are working on, share ideas and get feedback, create and edit content, and receive updates from other enterprise applications - all in one place.

Personalising Armies

Army Taps Android Phones for ‘Wearable Computers’

Personalising Cars

Ford Sync

SYNC helps you keep your eyes on the road and connected to your world. Voice recognition makes it easy to use. Just tell it to make calls hands-free, find and play your favorite music, get directions and give them to you turn-by-turn

Toyota Entune

Entune™ is a collection of popular mobile applications and data services integrated with select Toyota vehicles. To use Entune™, all you need is a compatible smartphone or feature phone, a data plan from your mobile carrier, and a Toyota vehicle equipped with an Entune™ -enabled multimedia system.

Personalising Payments

Near Field communication (NFC)

Augmented Reality

Golfscape for the iphone


An app in an iphone uses the camera to recognise real world objects, or photos. The phone displays digital info, links, videos etc related to that object. Check out the LINDA showcase video to see an interesting application of this technology - CBJ

Google Goggles

Social Impact

Techno-toddlers: A is for Apple

More pre-schoolers know how to use a smartphone than tie their shoelaces. Is this the future of child learning, or a potent image of 21st-century alienation?

A Magazine is an ipad which does not work

iphone addiction and love

I carried out an fMRI experiment to find out whether iPhones were really, truly addictive,…most striking of all was the flurry of activation in the insular cortex of the brain, which is associated with feelings of love and compassion. The subjects’ brains responded to the sound of their phones as they would respond to the presence or proximity of a girlfriend, boyfriend or family member. In short, the subjects didn’t demonstrate the classic brain-based signs of addiction. Instead, they loved their iPhones. As we embrace new technology that does everything but kiss us on the mouth, we risk cutting ourselves off from human interaction. For many, the iPhone has become a best friend, partner, lifeline, companion and, yes, even a Valentine.

From NY Times

Addicted to your Smartphone?
CBS News on-line

The future - and the now - iphones in Space

The Brooklyn Space Programme

Also take a look at the latest expedition launched from Denmark


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