Using The Nova Launcher

As we Androids all know (?), Android devices use a Launcher.
(This is similar to using Windows desktop)

There are several available, e.g., the SPB-3D SHELL, which is covered on this site.

Right, now, the Nova Launcher, which is free from the Play Store.

INSTALL DEFAULT … 5 screens with a Dock at the bottom of every screen.

This DOCK can be filled by dragging App icons from the screen on to it.
So, Apps such as Playstore, Mail, Browser, etc can be accessed from any screen.

Press and hold a blank spot and a Menu appears with:

1. Nova Actions (Press this to go to another comprehensive menu)

2. Apps (Press this to go to an alpabetical list of Apps.
a) Select one and it will appear on the screen that you are using.
OR b) Tap "SELECT MULTIPLE", tap all the Apps that you want and then tap "ADD"
OR c) Tap "SELECT MULTIPLE", tap your Apps and then tap "CREATE FOLDER"
and all the Apps icons will be in a folder which you can name.

3. Shortcuts .. this will give a list from which you can look for info.

4. Widgets … this will list items that can be set up as Widgets.

5. Wallpapers .. selecting your source for, and adding, Wallpapers.

You can use the Nova Settings App to have the device Home Screen icon go to the Home Screen*
OR set it to bring up ALL of your screens so that you can tap on the one that you want to go to.

At the top right of the screen are 3 dots.
Tap these and you will get:
A. Wallpaper.
B. Manage Apps… this takes you to the device Settings / Apps
C. Nova Settings … where you can set Nova to behave in your way.*
D. System Settings … this takes you to the device Settings.

The 6 dots at the top right take you to your App Drawer.


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