Notes from Thursday Talks

On Thursdays our presenters discuss current topics of interest that they have researched.
Follow the links to see the presentations and notes which include links to further information.
Please contact a member of the committee to suggest future topics.

Presentation Notes 2017


13 April
Chris tells us how to Win the battle against spammers, phishers and junk calls


23 March
There's an app for that! Chris, Peter and Scotty demonstrate how mobile apps are increasingly capable of replacing dedicated devices


9 February
Phablet, phone, tablet, laptop – which is the mobile device for you ? Fredrik describes the new developments in phablet design and explains why he thinks this hybrid between a smartphone and tablet is the best option for a mobile device. Presentation...


2 February
How to get a better WiFi signal in your home
Fredrik explains the options from the cheapest to the best. Presentation...


12 January
Coming your way soon from Microsoft, Apple, Google, Samsung and Amazon!
Tom, Peter, Simon and Chris tell us what we can expect from Microsoft, Google, Apple, Samsung and Amazon in 2017. Presentations...

Presentation Notes 2016

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