Notes from Thursday Talks

On Thursdays our presenters discuss current topics of interest that they have researched.
Follow the links to see the presentations and notes which include links to further information.
Please contact a member of the committee to suggest future topics.

Presentation Notes 2018


19th April
How to Speed up your computer


12th April
Repetitive Tasks
How to save effort and improve accuracy when performing some Repetitive Tasks


5th April
All about Printing
Interactive workshop: Which type of printer is best for me ? Should I use compatible inks ? How do I print to a WiFi or network printer? What is "print to PDF? How do I print from my phone ? Why can't I get my printer to print ? We discuss these points and any other questions about printing.


22nd March
Using the Toolbox in the Cloud 2018
You probably don't need to download software, there are tools on the web to do many tasks.
Chris leads the discussion and explains what she has found.


8th March
Best software for everyday photo editing on your computer
Chris leads the discussion and explains what she has found.


1st March
Which is the best ISP for you?


1st February
Getting the best out of your Windows 10 apps
Tom, Peter and Chris show some Windows 10 Apps you might have overlooked


11th January
What we got for Christmas!
Club members show off their tech gadgets including earbuds for the TV, smartwatch, super rapid charger, dashcam, as well as a Google Pixel phone which can talk to Alexa..and more

Presentation Notes 2017


7th Dec
Chris, Tom and Jackie give us tips on How to shop online


9 November
Gloria Diego of Lextax Consulting gives advice about Inheritance Laws and Taxes


19th Oct
Password Managers compared

Click here for the notes


12th Oct
Gmail revisited - more tips and tricks.

Click here for the notes


5th Oct
The 'CLOUD': step by step.

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21 Sept
Chris delves into what is "Fake News"?

Chris's notes


17 August
Scotty shows us some interesting and useful apps for Android phones and tablets
Scotty's notes


22 June
Fredrik and Jacki take a look at the Amazon's Echo, Dot and Fire stick. All of them feature Amazon's intelligent assistant, Alexa Presentation...


15th June
Computer Security by Chris and Peter. Some essential tips


11th May
Keyboard Shortcuts explained by Chris. A list of useful ones


4th May
Win 10 Creators Update What to expect and how to deal with it by Tom .


13 April
Chris tells us how to Win the battle against spammers, phishers and junk calls


23 March
There's an app for that! Chris, Peter and Scotty demonstrate how mobile apps are increasingly capable of replacing dedicated devices


9 February
Phablet, phone, tablet, laptop – which is the mobile device for you ? Fredrik describes the new developments in phablet design and explains why he thinks this hybrid between a smartphone and tablet is the best option for a mobile device. Presentation...


2 February
How to get a better WiFi signal in your home
Fredrik explains the options from the cheapest to the best. Presentation...


12 January
Coming your way soon from Microsoft, Apple, Google, Samsung and Amazon!
Tom, Peter, Simon and Chris tell us what we can expect from Microsoft, Google, Apple, Samsung and Amazon in 2017. Presentations...

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