New PC Checklist

What to do when you get your shiny new Win 7 PC

Once you connect up your new PC you will be able to start using it right away, but there are a few things to do before waiting too long. This is my personal list for your consideration.

  1. Identify and Remove unwanted Trial software
  2. Install antivirus software. Try Microsoft Security Essentials or AVG 9 Free. Schedule full scan
  3. Find manufacturers user manual – Usually in All Programs (you will not get a printed manual). To find out about manufacturers specific recovery and other features. If all else fails – read it.
  4. Separate Programs and data. Use partition management. Right click Computer > Manage> Disk Management> Action>all tasks>shrink volume. Action >Create new simple volume (for data)
  5. Create folders on new volume for Documents, Photos etc and add to libraries.More Detail steps 4 & 5
  6. Run Windows Easy Transfer to transfer files and settings from your old PC. Check location of files restored.
  7. If required download Windows Live Mail to replace Outlook Express. Change store folder
  8. If necessary install Open Office. NB set Tools > Options >load/Save > Microsoft Office > tick all. Also Control Panel > Default programs > Associate a file type … with a program > Check and if necessary change program.
  9. Configure your preferred home page and Search engine in Internet Explorer 8 if not changed by Windows Easy Transfer.
  10. Set default folder view (N.B. enable checkboxes)
  11. Schedule Defrag
  12. Backup Windows and Programs. Create System image disks or backup to external hard disk. Or use the manufacturers recovery option if not dependent on hard disk.
  13. Create System repair disk
  14. Consider whether to install software from the disks supplied with your printer, scanner, camera etc. Normally not necessary. Count to ten slowly if you have an old scanner not supported in Windows 7.
  15. Download and install your favourite software. I recommend the following general purpose software: Picasa 3 for photos, Foxit PDF reader, Firefox browser, VLC player or MediaMonkey for multimedia.
  16. Familiarise yourself with the new features of Window 7. Google “Windows 7 features” or start here:

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