Moving Data Folders in Windows7

The introduction of Libraries in Windows 7 facilitates the storage of, for example music files, in more than one location.
The inheritance of special folders such as My Documents remains however.
This note explains how to split Programs and Data into two partitions under Windows 7.

Step A - Split the C: drive into Program and data partitions.
Go to Disk Management
Select the C: drive. Action>All Tasks>Shrink Volume
Select the unallocated partition created. Allocate a drive letter and Volume Name

Step B – Move existing files and folders from C: to the new volume, e.g E:
Navigate to C:\Users\username\.
Create new folders on the E: drive for all the folders in the path above. These might vary from installation to installation but are typically: Desktop, Favorites, Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, Searches, Downloads, Saved Games, Links
Navigate to C:\Programs\Users\username\. Right click on the Desktop folder. Properties>Location> click Move and navigate to E:\Desktop >Select > OK > Yes
Repeat for the other folders
Check Library contents
Really needs to be done for Public Folder also but I think Permissions need to be changed.

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