Archive of Kindle Talks

Tuesday Feb 21st 2012.

To get help from the Amazon website, not only from their excellent Kindle help pages, but you can also log in to your Amazon account, click on Manage my Kindle and select Discussions.

Other usual help/blogs/forums at the following links: You can find the keyboard shortcuts here, as circulated yesterday

Also various blogs including….

I am indebted to Jan Schoonenberg for the following link about converting epub books to Kindle format with Calibre -

Jan also pointed me in the direction of this very usual Kindle edition book, very cheap at only 1.53GBP, Kindle 3 Keyboard - the Very Fast Guide to Enjoying It All (Amazon link:

Send to PC software an additional bit of software from Amazon, which adds Send to Kindle to the right-click menu in Windows Explorer and it will send the file wirelessly. Download from the following link (only, it seems, available from the US Amazon website).


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