An Introduction to using an iPad

1. View the Apple starter card info, (the only guide given with your purchase!) or….see the site to know where all the buttons/ switches are placed on the iPad.
2. Once you have obtained iTunes; and your personal Apple ID secure password, (you need this,to have access to most Apple facilities) you are ready to download Apps and the regular updates. Follow the instructions below.
How to: Put the 'quick Launch' Icon on your Home screen.
• Tap on Safari, type into the search box. (Top right of screen)
• On the browser page tap on the official link. (be sure it is the official site)
• On the Apple main page, Tap on iPad in the top bar to open iPads web pages.
• Top left of the screen tap on the box with a black return arrow for the menu.
• Tap on 'Apply to Home Screen' go to your home screen and this icon link will be there.
download the free ibooks to give you a bookcase to put your books and PDF downloads in.
How to; obtain iBooks.
A) Tap Apple Store. as above.
B) Search; on the top right box, ( See the drop down menu ) Type in iBooks
C) Tap on the ibooks icon and tap to install. (It is always a good idea to view the 'on screen' info before Installing. Tap on the picture icon and it reveals everything, so you can check before installing)
D) Put your Apple ID into box and tap OK to install.
E) Press the Home button for the main screen, to see that the 'App' is downloading.

NOTE: When you have started install to download an App, you are committed to this transaction whether it is free or costs! See terms & conditions.

How to: Obtain the Apple User guide:
• Click on to connect to their web pages.
• Next Tap on the iPad in the top bar.Next screen is iPad so tap Support on the top right.
• This page shows picture links to Video Tutorials, Free Manuals, technical,and communities.
• Tap on 'Manuals' locate the Manual for your iPad specifications- iOS etc.
• Now, Tap on the manual you want to download.
• When completed there is a prompt in the top right corner asking where you would like to store this guide? if it is not evident just tap on this corner.
• The Free iPad user guide PDF file will automatically be stored in your iTunes account, now tap on 'add to iBooks' and it will be added to your bookcase. This guide can be read 'offline'

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