IBI Refunds

"The Meeting took place on Tuesday Oct 2nd and a report of the Meeting can be found here……

The Xàbia Town Hall has now uploaded a simplified form for property owners
to claim back overpaid IBI from the Cadastral authorities.

Details and Forms to complete - Click Here

See also: http://agenda21-xabia.wikidot.com/how-to-claim-back-ibi-overpayment
for details on how to complete this form on-line.

(Note: If you want to print out my instructions, the side panel of the
Wiki includes a link labeled "Printable Version" - just below the menu.)

People can also go to the Citzens attention office above the Portal del
Clot Car Park to get assistance in filling in the form. Please be sure
to have all the necessary information with you.

…Thanks to Chris for providing the links"

PS - If Chris has made any errors in the procedure described on the Wiki,
please contact her.

A friend (who keeps excellent records) has just received his IBI bill -
it's 20 Euros less than last year…..

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