The modern, Interactive Web

In the beginning - the early 1990's….
HTML - Hyper Text Markup language was developed by Tim Berners - Lee between 1991 and 1993

It is a set of instructions, written as a text file, telling the browser how to display text and other special functions. The language uses special “tags” to tell the browser what to do.
e.g. <B>This is bold text</B>

All browsers must “understand” HTML in order to display the web page correctly. It is possible to create a whole website with nothing more than notepad.

With time, more and more tags were introduced and the capabilities of browsers were enhanced.

Web authoring programmes were developed to help people create web pages more easily - too many tags to remember ! . The most famous one of these is "Dreamweaver"

A uniform design across web sites was enabled using "style sheets" and later Cascading Style sheets (CSS)

Animations were created using an add on programme: "Flash". Users needed to download the proprietary "Flash Player" in order to play flash animations in web pages. Apple refused to allow this with their products.

Interactivity was introduced using mini-programmes written in javascript - again, these could be written in Notepad.

Recently HTML version 5 and CSS3 have been released. These add multimedia capability and interactivity to web sites, without any proprietary add on programmes. All you need is a browser which understands this new standard.
HTML5 is Independent of the device's operating system (Windows, iOS, Linux, Android - doesn't matter)

Among the new features are:

  • video (no more embedding You Tube videos) with full controls
  • animation and drawings
  • audio
  • users can edit content on a web page, checks user's input for mistakes, remembers what you typed.
  • drag and drop …and much more

Links to web sites:

Demonstration of playing Video in HTML 5 with web page controls:

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