How Can We Help?

What experience of computing do you have?

Experience How we can help
I only started using a PC recently Individual support by arrangement. Contact a committee member via the desk.
I would like help- with a particular software or hardware problem Come along to a Monday session – ask at the desk for a number
I surf the web and send emails but would like to learn more about what else I can do. Tuesday Workshop / Lectures
I am particularly interested in one of the following: Genealogy, Apple computers, Cardmaking, Video Editing, Digital Photography, PC-TV, Linux and Android. Contact the SIG group leader for details of the next meeting. (Mostly Tuesdays)
I am interested in a specific topic or device outside the scope of the above and would like to exchange views with other users. Register for a workshop / seminar
I would like to keep up to date with current and future developments in computing. See the Thursday schedule for upcoming presentations.

Workshop / seminars

In the new year we are planning to organise some informal specialist workshop/seminars i.e chats. These seminars will be aimed at bringing together perhaps a handful of members who have an interest in a specific computing topic for one or two sessions.
Examples might be:

  • Sharing experiences of developing and maintaining a website.
  • Sharing tips and tricks of using Microsoft Publisher
  • How to set up and use your Kindle
  • Using macros in Microsoft Excel
  • Sharing tips and tricks of using Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Writing and publishing a book

If you use your PC for something specific like the above, it is likely that there are other members who have a similar interest and very often a chat will uncover new information of mutual interest.

So what do do with your computer? ( Apart from topics covered by the SIGs)
Let us know at moc.liamg|srenigebccj#moc.liamg|srenigebccj stating any other commitments and we will publish the topics on this webpage and help to bring the interested parties together.

Suggestions received

Suggested Topic Interested Co-ordinator
Web site software 2 Kate Roberts
Setting up a Kindle 1 Jacki Pamflet
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