Computers in the Near Future
Scotty gives one of his bi-annual crystal ball gazes into the near future of computing. Sometimes he gets it right, but many of the fascinating gadgets Scotty describes are either long in coming or find that they are superseded before they reach full development. Come on Thursday to see what goodies scotty has got in store for us this time!

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Security for laptops at the JCC
Many members come to the Club to use our wireless Internet connection. Recently we have experienced problems with someone's wrongly configured laptop or rogue software creating an interfering connection. Members can do much to help themselves (and us) to avoid these problems and protect themselves from hackers. See the Club's Weblog for tips on how to protect yourself (thank to Peter Bayliss for posting this information)

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This company sells blank CDs, DVDs, Ink cartridges and small accessories at Pedreguer Rastro.
They do not have a shop but visit the Club every 2 weeks.

Next visit: Monday May 12th
Club Members can order stuff via their Website

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Where we are
The Club meets (when it is not flooded!) at: Edificio Arenal 80, Bloque 1 (Sotano), Avenida Tamarits, Javea, three times a week from 9:45am until around 12:30, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
For more details see "About Us" from Club Information / About Us For location see our Google map below.

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