Hints and Tips

Location Services:
In Settings > General > Privacy > see menu for location Services settings to
set the amount of ‘Home screen clicks’ required for certain actions.

Screen App Locks/freezes
– Hold down Home button for approx. 6secs; If this does not work -
try and ‘POWER OFF’ by pressing and holding the side Sleep/Wake button for 10 secs.
Then move the slider bar to 'Power Off' - wait a few secs > press the ‘sleep/awake’ button wait until you see the Apple icon appear. Continue as normal by clicking on the Home button.(much the same as Re-Booting a PC)

Only IF necessary and the above tips did not work.(Check you have ‘Backed Up' recent input data, by using the Auto switch in the iCloud setting)
Go to General > Scroll to base of the screen, see the RESET 'Tap' and you have choices: Reset all settings/ network settings/ or Erase ‘All content and Settings’! Careful!

Used if you wish to sell your machine, or you KNOW your device has been stolen.
Use Find my iPad: - Check you have the App in settings and it is switched on!

Safari Safety:
General > Settings >Click on the Safari icon >Privacy > for private browsing
as either On/Off to enable or disable cookies. A reminder box Informs of its consequents.

Clear History:
Only if essential to do so, if you think you have been hacked! You are warned that ‘this cannot be Undone’

Saving Images in Safari browser:
Touch and Hold the image until a 'screen Pop up' asks SAVE IMAGE? It puts this into the idevices Photo App; or, you can Copy & Paste or 'Add to reading List' to save for reading later.

Screen Capture:
As some websites don't allow content to be sent by E- Mail,take a 'Screen shot' Press on the 'Sleep/awake' side button,at the same time press on the HOME button; screen flashes all white and a screen-shot of the item appears in your idevices Photo App. size 1024x1024 with an option to E-Mail.

Quick hints on Safari!
Instead of wading through the browsing sites if, you know the site mane key name, in the empty URL address box type in the name and it will add the www and end . extension.
If the end ext .com is incorrect, then hold finger on the end and it will show a list of others. Slide stylus or finger on to one of these and release to activate.

Instead of 'Scrolling' up from the base of a page, its quicker to 'Tap' on the Top black bar (the one showing the WiFi/ time and battery info)

Adding 'On Screen Contacts' Easily add Tel numbers or addresses, by tapping and a box gives choices of Create a new, or add to an existing in your contacts app.

Battery Charging:
A USB 10W charger takes approx. 3-4 hrs for 80% on a new PC/Mac Higher power is good.
Standard usb older PCs/Macs take longer. iPhone charger works but less effective.
Note: These Machines ‘MUST BE SWITCHED ON’ when completing this task or they will ‘Drain the battery power! If you have a Picture on screen of a low battery, you have to charge for at least 10 mins before switch on. If drained then a No Charging sign is in the top right bar.

Media Subscriptions:
How to find out the remaining time for subscription or cancel one!
It is so easy to "tap on an App" for a free or a 3 issue subscription, it is a good way to check before you buy but, PLEASE check payment details-Terms & Conditions!

They usually state an ‘AUTO RENEW policy’ see the ‘Pop up’ in purchase screen which asks for your Apple ID account. Which means if you do nothing the subscription will be automatically deducted until they have been advised to stop!
See future-publishing/my favourite magazine/MacFormat or Apples Newsstand publications as an example.
Note: that Zinio is a third party app so any queries must be directed them.

How to Stop S payments
Auto-Renewal CAN be turned off in Settings.

a) Select Settings >in the side bar scroll down until you see the iTunes & App Store (iOS6 system just press Store) click to open.

b) Tap on your Apple ID at the top.

c) Select ‘View Apple ID’ you are asked to Put in your ID Password as normal.

d) Shows screen where you can check payment information.as well as manage Alerts or subscriptions.

e) See subscriptions and select ‘Manage’

e) Screen shows at the top bar your subscription; what is your contract, and renewal options.

If you have a subscription running, see the On/Off box: select & ‘Click off’ to stop Auto-Renew . A note underneath will inform when current subscription ends.

Hint: On the iTunes App settings, see other Automatic downloads listed. i.e. Music/Apps/Books. Choice to click ‘Off or On’

'On' if you wish all new purchases (including free ones) to be automatically downloaded to other devices. I believe that if you are using Home sharing that is the same as being ON.

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