The Club's Helpline Forum


The Club runs a free E-mail Helpline hosted at It's available to Members and non-Members.

It's particularly useful for 'less experienced Computer users'.
This is a "user" to "user" Question and Answer forum for assisting Members in obtaining help in all matters relating to PC hardware and software.

If you are already a Member of Yahoo Groups you can join her online

Members are also encouraged to post computing tips and links to computing websites.

Sample postings might be:

… can anybody help me get my taskbar back..
… the person to contact if you can't get ADSL is…
… the best source of drivers for modems is http:/….
… what's this file called MSGSVR ?….

To apply to join the Helpline forum…..

Click this link to send a blank E-mail to moc.spuorgoohay|ebircsbus-enilplehCCJ#moc.spuorgoohay|ebircsbus-enilplehCCJ
You will then receive an Email from Yahoogroups asking you to confirm that you wish to join the JCCHelpline.
In the Email, use option………2) REPLY to this email by clicking "Reply" and then "Send" in your email program.
Your application is then sent to JCC and will be approved as soon as possible.

Here are the groups E-mail addresses:

To Post a Message simply address it to……… moc.spuorgoohay|enilplehCCJ#moc.spuorgoohay|enilplehCCJ
If you wish to Unsubscribe (Leave)…………… moc.spuorgoohay|ebircsbusnu-enilplehCCJ#moc.spuorgoohay|ebircsbusnu-enilplehCCJ

On the Helpline, members can choose how they would like to receive messages:

(a) Receive all the E-mail messages, individually, that have been sent to the group (default)
(b) Receive a daily digest (shows the SUBJECTS of the day's messages sent to the group).
(c) Read the messages by going direct to the Yahoogroups Web Site (Not recommended)

NOTE: To make the change below you need to 'register' at Yahoogroups……simple… but not really necessary
You can request that the Helpline Moderator makes the change for you……just post a message on the Helpline

If YOU wish to change the way you view Messages that have been sent to the Group…….
Go to…….. …….log in to your account.

In the left hand box, Click on JCCHelpline. When you reach the next page, just under the YAHOO GROUPS logo, you will see your Log In name etc….to the right of it… says "edit Membership". Click on this link, make your changes, save and exit.

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