Do You want to be a Headcase?

Scotty's videos showing the latest in hi tech headgear.

1. Occulus Rift

This demonstrates the way games are heading which includes full immersion.

2. The Avagant Glyph

videos show the way a headset can provide visuals directly to the retina.

3. The Virtual Retinal Display

video shows how VRD works.

4. K Glass

shows how Augmented Reality can be used.

5. Meta AR

extends the AR concept into actual AR manipilation, as does Atheer Labs

6. The HC 1 video

shows a practical way of using headset technology, as does Deaf Help and Translation.

7. The Google Glass

demo shows the way that Glass can be used in the real world while the NY video gives peoples reactions.

8. Glass in surgery

speaks for itself.

9. AR Apps for your smartphone

shows what you can do now using your Android device.

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