GMail Workshop 12 June 2012

During the Gmail workshop on 12th June, several questions were asked and not completely answered. From research done by Jackie Pamflett, it appear that these requirements may be satisfied by adding functionality via Google Labs – Click on the Gear Wheel in Gmail, Select Settings, Select the Labs tab then search for the Labs below and enable as required.

1. If you have some text that you want to repeatedly insert into emails, is there an easier way than saving the text to a text document and using copy and paste? ( Geoff Sonley).

  • The solution I demonstrated is called Canned Responses and it can be added via Labs.

2. How can you add pictures into the body of the text rather than as a file attachment?

  • Add: Inserting Images by Kent T. This is the option where it may be difficult to identify the image you want if there are a large number of images in the folder. Note: This lab will not work if you have Gmail offline enabled.

3. How can I change the default font for the message body?

  • Add: Default Text Styling by Jonathan K
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