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Richard's Music site comparisons.


Manages to keep itself lawsuit-free by making sure that everyone gets paid.
Grooveshark's solution is to secure distribution rights from the copyright holders.
Easy to use, very good selection of music.
Uncluttered tabs for keeping your music organized.
Good sound quality for all but a few of the older tracks.

Track listings etc. somewhat shambolic, but you can search by various parameters - artist, song, album etc.

Other sites seem to keep changing what and how much you can and can’t listen to and whether you have to pay or not.

Well organised, fast to respond.
Has up to date music.
Links to other sites.

Much of the modern stuff is only available for a quick preview.
Favourite link seems to be Spotify which is no longer free.
Recently changed to a pay site – nothing seems to be free any more.
Their recommendations for you are almost certainly not what you want!

Other sites
You will have to pay for these in order to take advantage of what they have to offer.
All are well organised and have comprehensive music collections available to listen to.





Just for fun

Playa Cofi Jukebox
The one with the garish home page! Will play selections from various years or genres.

When We Were Kids
Useful fun resource.
Another useful resource and source of inspiration

Top 30 music sites

Listing of 30 popular music sites. There are reviews of the sites and links to them. Some information is out of date as sites keep changing their rules: e.g. Pandora – the most popular programme according to the graph - is now only available in the USA.

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