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All those Club members who have an Apple Mac, or Apple based product, or who are interested in the Apple Mac, have been introduced to each other. The JCC Committee is hoping that we can will stimulate interest in this alternative computer system, amongst the Apple Group, and help to make increasing use of the Apple Mac computer at the Club.

Anyone else who is interested in joining this "core" of enthusiasts can contact me at the Club or via the Website, or email me, Mike Easter, at moc.liamg|pihsrebmemccj#moc.liamg|pihsrebmemccj

Apple Mac at the JCC by MikeEMikeE, 31 Oct 2008 10:19

At PDC 2008, Ray Ozzie and company on Monday morning talked up Windows Azure, Redmond's new cloud computing effort.

Windows Azure by Federico el SuecoFederico el Sueco, 27 Oct 2008 17:53

From The Economist print edition, Special Report

Oct 23rd 2008

Information technology is turning into a global “cloud” accessible from anywhere, says Ludwig Siegele. What does that mean for the way people conduct business?

…This special report will chronicle the rise of the cloud and try to predict where it is heading.

…Irving Wladawsky-Berger, a technology visionary at IBM, compares cloud computing to the Cambrian explosion some 500m years ago when the rate of evolution speeded up, in part because the cell had been perfected and standardised, allowing evolution to build more complex organisms. Similarly, argues Mr Wladawsky-Berger, the IT industry spent much of its first few decades developing the basic components of computing. Now that these are essentially standardised, bigger and more diverse systems can emerge. “For computing to reach a higher level”, he says, “its cells had to be commoditised.”

Re: Cloud Computing by Federico el SuecoFederico el Sueco, 24 Oct 2008 09:18

Thanks Syvlia, for a fascinating presentation this morning. I promise to write a story, put photos on it, and get it published! Great idea. Many thanks, Evelyn

Hofmann by Evelyn AdamsEvelyn Adams, 23 Oct 2008 15:41
Cloud Computing by Federico el SuecoFederico el Sueco, 16 Oct 2008 13:16

Greetings to all.
The JCC wiki site is up and running……….well you already know that because you are here!
There may still be a few 'glitches‘……ie the Membership joining date isn’t working because we still have to transfer the data file from the previous Hosting site.

Hope you enjoy it.

Almost There !! by morrisgmorrisg, 10 Oct 2008 12:34

Monday went fine at the Club with around 60 participants and all had Internet access via cabled LAN, after some initial struggles.

Plans are to continue with cable only access until we have been able to isolate and insulate the Club machines from any WiFi trojan.

Only then will we start to connect also member computers by WiFi.


We have tried switching wifi users off one by one but it has proved inconclusive. We will have to remove all wifi access then bring it back under controlled conditions, over a period of days or weeks.

We will provide wired internet access for a few users at a time. Probably a maximum of about 12 connections available.

We will not allow any laptops to have wifi access. During the course of the morning session we may enable wifi access on some of the club machines.

I have finally cracked it by getting into the Forum to post a message.

Success at Last!! by MikeEMikeE, 26 Jun 2008 10:14

Dear Linux Users,

If you are running older versions of Kubuntu then upgrade / install to version 8.04.
It has new drivers, including one that allowed the JCC Linux PC to connect to our broadband via the USB WiFi thumb - at last.

It also provided drivers, automatically, for my Acer laptop Broadcom wireless board.
Broadcom refuses to make Linux drivers so the Linux community and Canonical derived one that works.

I have placed a tested 8.04 CD in the JCC cupboard. Feel free to make a copy.

Ref. the BETA KDE 4.0 desktop .. do not install this yet .. it has too many shortcomings.
I tested it for 2 weeks and then gave up and put back the current KDE 3.


On June 9th Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) announced that the 3G iPhone will be available in 22 Countries (including Spain) from July 11th.
Movistar will have sole rights to sell the iPhone in Spain (at least initially) and when they opened a Web page for people to register their interest there were 25,000 registers in the first 3 hours, causing the Web page to be closed down.

Prices have not yet been released by Movistar but the 8Gb model is 199$ and the 16Gb model is 299$ in USA…….half the price of the previous version.

Morris……waiting patiently

Iphone arrives July 11th by morrisgmorrisg, 16 Jun 2008 17:13
morrisgmorrisg 10 Jun 2008 14:14
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Testing 'discuss' on a Forum thread

by morrisgmorrisg, 10 Jun 2008 14:14

June 10th……….
The new iPhone model , a 3G version, was announced yesterday by Apple at a conference in San Fransisco.
It will be available in Spain from July 11th.

Re: Expanding
chrisbjchrisbj 09 Jun 2008 16:20
in discussion General Topics / Club News » Expanding

How do we do "Per Page Discussions? I think you have to put some code at the bottom of the relevant pages ….

Are the tags aoutomatically added to forum postings?

Re: Expanding by chrisbjchrisbj, 09 Jun 2008 16:20

Sorry, that did not work!

Chris has kindly put the link in a workable format under Thursday Talks up on the left.

<iframe src='' frameborder='0' width='700' height='559'></iframe>[/url][/blockquote]

Although it’s the corporate home of Telefonica, S.A., (TEF) one of the world’s largest telecommunications conglomerates (it owns, among other carriers, Britain’s O2), Spain hadn’t received official word of a signed deal with Apple (AAPL) until early this morning, when a press release and an iPhone pre-registration link appeared on the home page of Movistar, the local Telefonica subsidiary.

Then, a few hours later, the pre-registration page went away and the press link disappeared. According to one report, nearly 25,000 Spaniards had signed up for the iPhone before the site closed and reverted to a generic Movistar home page.

This Thread Started on Mar 2, 2008, 5:58pm on the JCC Message Board by
Morris Gray who wrote:

Hi Folks.
Can someone tell me , in simple terms, what services can be accessed on the iPhone/ Nokia 95 etc.

A: Pls see my Dec'06 presentation to the JCC:

Is the sending and receiving of data on your mobile the same as MMS ?

A: No, this is a separate service.

Can the Nokia 95 log in as a Browser? and display Web pages? and receive Emails ?

A: Yes, also run Skype or any other internet p2p service, unless the operator blocks these services (the case on most 3G services in e.g. France).

Can a Nokia 95, bought in UK with a UK service provider, be used in Spain ?

A: Yes, but it is expensive, as it is on roaming. EU is pushing for lower roaming charges.

Can it still log in as a Browser?…and get Emails ?

A: Sure

Surely the cost of 'online' time to receive the data would be exorbitant if roaming charges were applied.
Could you simply change the Sim card to a Spanish one and then log in to a Spanish Mobile provider and receive the Web data using Spanish charges?

A: Absolutely, provided the device is not locked to the UK provider.

You'll gather that I'm very new to this but these devices are becoming ' the thing to have….' but NOW!
The recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was full of these devices.

A good subject for a Thursday talk at the JCC?

A: We could do an update of the Dec'06 pitch.


morrisgmorrisg 29 May 2008 08:35
in discussion General Topics / Club News » Expanding

Hi Folks. The Membership of the JCC wiki is expanding as more Committee members join in order to evaluate the sytem.

Expanding by morrisgmorrisg, 29 May 2008 08:35
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