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downloads of some recent BBC programs can be obtained here.
Included are some recent episodes of Click, Who do you think you are?, Top Gear etc

Please Note !!!!!!!!!
The JCC File Store can ONLY be accessed when you are actually IN the Club and connected to the Club Network.
The Filestore contains downloads and updates for some Operating Systems e.g. Windows Service Packs, Linux Distros, some video downloads that may be of interest to JCC Members e.g. Click, Who do you think you are? and some Photoshop image editing tutorials.

  • It saves you searching the net for the downloads
  • You will download much faster from the local file store
  • It frees up the club internet bandwidth for other users

Just click on the hyperlink below and then navigate the file system to get to the download file you want.

Main Index

Navigate to the FileStore main directory… File Store

(If the links on this page do not work, please let Andreas or Peter know)


Nothing happens when I click on one of the program hyperlinks

I get an error message when I click on a program hyperlink.

The program plays on my computer but I want to save it for later

The program will not play on my computer.

The program I want is not available.

I cannot see the content of the program from the hyperlink description

Other Problems?
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