This page is to hold copies of various coding
Here you can create a NEW link to a NEW page, clicking the link will then CREATE the page.
Click EDIT, then simply copy and paste one of the links. Keep the original (it may be your only way to access it) and change the page name in the code to the name you want……..
* Outlook Express
* Get A Gmail Account
* Import Contacts
* Windows Live Mail
* Touch Screen Technology and iPads

This is where to see details of changing the FONT colour,size,bold etc…..

This code changes the style (font etc) of a group of lines of text
with some text in white
The Club runs a free E-mail help group hosted at Yahoogroups.com. Members are invited to join.
This is a user to user Question and Answer forum devoted to assisting Club members in obtaining advice, support, troubleshooting and help in all matters pertaining to the purchase, maintenance and use of PC hardware and software. Members are also be encouraged to post computing tips and links to computing websites.

This is the code for JCC Helpline image from the MAIN JCC site………..NOTE /local—files/ is NECESSARY

[[image http://javea-computer-club.wikidot.com/local--files/helpline/help1.gif]]

This is the code for BBC Badge at top of Side Bar

[[image http://benitachell-bowls-club.wdfiles.com/local--files/nav:side/webbadge.jpg]]

##blue|**Morris's Tuesday Talk - Notes on Web Mail**## [http://javea-computer-club.wikidot.com/webmail Click Here]

Morris's Tuesday Talk - Notes on Web Mail Click Here

PROVISIONAL Minutes of the AGM Feb 2011 and President's Report

 **[[[draft-minutes-agm2011 | PROVISIONAL Minutes of the AGM Feb 2011 and President's Report]]]**

[!--   any text here is not shown    --]

This code embeds a PDF file on this page.

[[iframe http://javea-computer-club.wikidot.com/local--files/agm-feb-2011/AGM2011-Agenda.pdf width="100%" height="2100px" scrolling="yes" frameborder="0"]]

This code creates a link to a SLIDESHOW that has been uploaded to Google Docs.

++ [http://docs.google.com/present/view?id=ddj8xrpk_78c6rk5gfw Click HERE for the Slide Show]

[[[http://www.wikidot.com | Wikidot]]]


[[[http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sumvision-Cyclone-Micro-Media-Player/dp/B0046SD2MK/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1299261633&sr=1-1-fkmr0 |Terry's Gadget for showing Videos and Photos from your USB stick on your TV]]]

Terry's Gadget for showing Videos and Photos from your USB stick on your TV

This uses an image as a link to a page "RCS1"

Ref Number RCS1. Port Area - Javea [[image binocs.jpg link="RCS1"]]

This uses an image as a link to a Youtube video"

[[image JCCIntro.jpg link="http://youtu.be/g1iQb1Trtdw"]] Click the image for an introduction to JCC and it's location

[[[*http://www.wikidot.com | Wikidot]]]-Opens in a new Window


Log in here using username = javeacomputerclub , password = beginners99

Using IMAGE (thumbnail…small…medium) to link to a PDF file…..the image is the link.

Centring or aligning an Image.

[[=image ingrid.jpg]] - image in centre
[[>image ingrid.jpg]]- image on right
[[f<image ingrid.jpg]]- image on left floating (surrounded by text)
[[f>image ingrid.jpg]]- image on right floating (surrounded by text)

Re: Picture in the table wrapped with the text. HoW?
Your Div Block surrounding the picture ( and the text in the 2. row) has
"margins" defined as………
0 0 1em 2 em ( top right bottom left !) .
Please try to shift the left margin (2em) to the right ( now zero) !

Вероватни приказ Алмогавера током заузећа Мајорке, XIV век

in Action:

Вероватни приказ Алмогавера током заузећа Мајорке, XIV век
Хадријанов зид је представљао сталну баријеру према варварима у Каледонији (Шкотској). Зид који је подигао Хадријанов наследник

To centre a table on ONE page………….
[[table style="width: 300px; border: 3px solid #006; margin: 1em auto;"]]
"margin: 1em auto"………auto is the important part.


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