Digital Photography Group

Having trouble taking good digital photos???

Want to learn how to improve a picture and make it more artistic?


Want to learn how to scan transparencies?

Having trouble with your scanner?

Interested? Then come and join the group and use the Club's Digital Imaging PC.

You can use our High Resolution Scanner

You can also get to grips with the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Elements

Group Leader -Nick Winter………. His Email address is………moc.liamg|yhpargotohplatigidccj#moc.liamg|yhpargotohplatigidccj …or…… moc.liamg|ccj.retniwkcin#moc.liamg|ccj.retniwkcin

The group also has a dedicated Google Group emailing list where information, suggestions, questions and answers can be posted….see details below.
Members of the Digital Photography Group….can post messages to the Group by sending an email to HERE

Messages and Posts that have been made to the Group can be viewed HERE

To request joining the Group click ..HERE

Click HERE for Information and Notes from all Nick's Presentations

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