Digital Cameras

Most of the members will be proud to show anyone interested which camera they have bought and why the particular features of their camera are appropriate for what they want to use the cameras for.

For example, if you mainly want to take photos to send over the Internet it is not worthwhile spending a lot of money on a camera with 4 million pixels. On the other hand, if you want to take high quality photos which you may want to blow up to A4 size or even larger, then the number of pixels is very important for the quality of resolution.

Advice (probably conflicting) can be obtained from any of our enthusiasts

We will try and keep ourselves up to date on the latest developments in digicams and imaging software and will have formal talks, discussions and lectures. The walking group is designed to improve our photographic skills.

For further information please contact Derek Franklin at the Club. Derek is usually at the Club on a Thursday

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