Best of Breed - Crufts for portable devices

Media Centre

Club's EEEbox Media centre PC (Small and neat) around €400
Chris's Home Made Media Centre (Big and Ugly) €300
Club's Asus all in one 3D Touch screen 3d PC
John White's HP Pavilion DV7 Laptop with fingerprint security and Blu Ray player


The Lutters' Apple Macbook Air

Touch screen Convertibles

Peter and Ann Adams Acer Iconia w500 Touch screen Convertible

YouTube also has some interesting clips of the w500 running Windows8, which seems to markedly improve the touch screen scrolling etc.

We got this device in order to:
1. Link up to the TV via the hdmi able to screen videos, photos etc.
2. Read ebooks at home and on the move.
3. Check emails on the move.
4. Word process (we have WORD 2010 installed, even though I am aware of free and lighter weight versions).
5. Skype our far flung family.
6. As cover in case the laptop seizes up.

Scotty's Gigabyte Touchscreen Convertible

Tablets and Phones

Morris's Samsung Galaxy
Movistar (contract)
UK (sim free)

Simon Beattie's 3rd Generation iPod Touch

Scottie's 7" Novo 7 Advanced tablet

Wonder machines

Peter Bayliss all singing all dancing phone

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