Cool websites - April 17th 2008

Cool websites

Here are the links from Diane Wynne / Chris Jones presentation on Thursday April 17th

Cool Websites – mostly Flash and some take time to load. Some of these were gleaned from "Web Designer" magazine

Diane's picks:
About sustainable forest in Finland (all in English) very informative and interesting as well as visually brilliant. High resolution images form the backdrop for pop-open window that contain high-quality video and audio. Loads of info about the wildlife and plants sometimes just stills and sometimes videos of the animals. I found this really interesting and informative.
Basically a site detailing what DuPont’s role in energy is but visuals great and menu links different (not Flash based)
Check Out Before You Check In
A video clip hotel site allows users to view various hotels so thy can gain a more accurate insight into the size of the rooms and their suitability. As well as the hotel rooms and facilities, the surrounding area is also explored to help eliminate the risk of any unpleasant surprises. Includes several places in Spain including Altea Hills.
A humorous way of analysing which holiday would suit your interests. You fill your suitcase with what you appreciate and you get an analysis of the type of holiday that you’d want to take. Great fun.
New US TV series Breaking Bad
Chemistry: the study of change. Meet Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher sleepwalking through life when, boom, a terminal diagnosis changes everything. Liberates him. Empowers him to use his chemistry skills anew: to man a rolling drug lab and finance the future for his struggling family. It's an uncontrolled experiment with the American dream. And it finally wakes him up. Breaking Bad: Change the Equation.
Clicking on revolving gun unlocks opening scene of series and clicking on different things does different things. It gave me an interest in seeing this series (but then I don’t have BBC, ITV etc) and would like to know more if only I could work out how to get more info – maybe too complicated for an oldie like me!
However, a good idea for getting the public interested in a new serial. Appears to be a more entertaining series than the usual cops and robbers or hospital emergencies normally available – only time will tell!
On-line image editor – simple editing but clear instructions and easy to use. Sample images available for trying it out. You can select photos from your computer and it uploads them so you can alter them and then save them back to your computer
If initial site comes up in Spanish scroll to bottom of page and select English
Not necessarily a cool site but a must if planning a journey.
We’re going to Elche for a trip and I entered my address and a specific place in Elche. I requested the quickest route and it gave detailed instructions from our house, with maps of the route to take. We also used it last year when we went to Portugal. I never gave a wrong direction which was brilliant as far as I was concerned as my better half gets very tetchy if he isn’t warned in plenty of time where he’s got to go!!!!

Google earth.
This has been updated to include Javea – maybe I’m the last to know this but our house is now viewable. Last time I looked it was just a fuzzy blur. Useful for finding the backstreets to avoid the summertime traffic jams. (My house is still a fuzzy blur! - CBJ)


Chris B-J picks
3d Educational tool from British Heart Foundation. The website is designed to educate you as well as entertain as you are taken through an urban jungle to take up the various challenges that await you.
The Happiness factoryCoca Cola promotional game type site.
This is Jonathan Yuen's on-line portfolio. It is very creative and beautifully crafted.
It is minimalist - if you are in to Zen, this is the site for you. Very soothing!
To navigate, hold the mouse pointer over the red buttons with a cross on them
and click on the tiny red arrows.

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