The History of Javea Computer Club

A Short Summary.
Many Committee Members over the years have tried to determine the CORRECT date on which Javea Computer Club came into existence.
One of the difficulties was that there were Members, based in Javea, who were Members of the Costa Blanca Computer Club (CBCC), based in Alfaz, having joined around August 1985.

Their Group were actually listed by CBCC as "Javea Branch". (There was also a "Denia Branch")
However, they were dissatisfied with the way things were being done and so, firstly, they renamed themselves on 6th April 1986, still as a branch of CBCC, as "Javea Computer Club".

The next step, on 8th May 1986 was to do a "UDI" and to declare that "Javea Computer Club is now quite separate organisation".

That date can be reasonably accepted as the date on which Javea Computer Club was created.

There were 12 people who had been Members of CBCC, Javea Branch and became 'founder Members' of JCC.
They were………….Reginald Abrey, John Bird, Bryan Davis, Erik Eriksen, Richard Fraser-Allen, Michael Mould, Alan Rushby, Tina Scherpenhuysen, Sylvia Schofield, Roy Tallents, Roy Waters.
Of these, Michael Mould is still a Member at October 2012.

The .pdf file listed here contains copies of many original documents, with 'sticky notes' attached to relevant points.
It is 3Mb in size, rather too large to display on this page, but it can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

** The History of JCC **

I hope you find the information of interest.
Morris Gray
JCC President 2012

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