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For Publication 14th March 2014
For the Costa Blanca News
Jávea Computer Club

By Reg Cutts

This coming Thursday (20th March) Our talk will be - DO YOU WANT TO BE A HEAD CASE?
Read a foreign language menu in English? - Watch a foreign language movie? -. No problem! Record your holiday? - Use your head! - Sightseeing without a tour guide? - Of course! – Cycling? - Lost? - Use your head again! – try this instead! Scotty takes a look at the latest in hi tech headgear

On Monday (17th March) our hard-working Trouble-shooters will again be testing their skills on all the various and diverse problems that the members of the club can throw at them, especially their new “gadgets” and it’s very rare that they fail to succeed,

Tuesdays are when our Special Interest Groups meet., They cover Genealogy, Photo editing, Hardware/Hand-Crafted Cards/ Apple & Android Users plus TV by Computer and more; see our website for their schedules. The “tablet” users at the club can meet as often as they wish now as TUESDAYS are now operating in its new ‘format’ including Troubleshooting and Hardware help is available (provided we have the necessary volunteers)

The above are for Members only but it is easy to join. Come along and see what our
Club is all about and what it can do for you, a committee member will be available to show you around the club and show you the many facilities that we have.

To all NEW members and those whose membership renewals are due after the 1st March, the Annual Subscriptions from now are 10 euros.

The Club web site address is

We are located in the Javea School of Bridge premises, Edificio Arenal 80, Bloque 1 (Sotano), Avenida Tamarits. (In the basement below the alarm company, "Segurija") We are there Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9.30 until 12.30. – it has air con.

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