Best Websites 2012


Ideas matter.
Reinventing the art of presentation…..With Prezi, a presentation is
created as a whole board. You lay out the information and visual aids
however you like, then you create a “path” for the pan-and-zoom
functions to follow. The end result? A presentation that starts with one
bit of information, zooms out, pans to another bit of information, zooms
in, etc. Certainly an interesting alternative to typical slideshow


Listen to Online Radio, Music and Talk Stations
Top live radio - choose your country - then select the station - gives
you daily line up etc. Uncluttered, simple interface.

Persuasive Games

We design, build, and distribute videogames for persuasion, instruction,
and activism.
Games communicate differently than other media; they not only deliver
messages, but also simulate experiences. Our games influence players to
take action through gameplay. While often thought to be just a leisure
activity, games can also become rhetorical tools.

UK News and Opinion - The Huffington Post United Kingdom
The destination for U.K. news, blogs and original content offering
coverage of British politics, entertainment, style, world news,
technology and comedy.


Find recipes online. Share them with your friends.
Find recipes on many different sites from this one site; share them and
post your comments - yummy

timelapses, tilt-shifts, slow-mos, go-pros, HDRs, hyper lapses and in
general every other travel video …lots of ideas for the Video Editing
Group. Check out the Tilt shift of a "tiny" Barcelona (use the Search
box at the bottom of the main page)

Eye on the world's hottest photographers….


Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration
For photography enthusiasts.
Daily technology website….


New and Emerging Technology News
Gadgets and emerging technologies
Take the World's Best University Courses, Online, For Free…the
University of the Future ?

Dear Photograph
A picture of a picture from the past in the present.

Discovery Channel : Science, History, Space, Tech, Sharks, News!

Khan Academy
Another learning site - from basic studies upwards… self paced. Used
by schools as well as individuals. Academic and real-world knowledge
from videos and other interactive modules. Records your progress. Videos
include subtitles (languages included vary by video).

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