Backup Workshop

December 9th. How to BACKUP

We all know that we should backup our data regularly but VERY FEW people actually do it.

The good news is that it is now MUCH EASIER to back up your data and the aim of this workshop is to show you how.

The session will be in two parts:

  • Short Presentation

What ?
Why ?
Where ?
How ?

  • Workshop

After the presentation you should be able to back up your own data.
If you are a laptop user please bring a memory stick or some CD-RW or CD-R disks or an external drive if you have one.
If you have a tower computer and would like to practice on one of the club machines, please let me know in advance so we can make some machines available.

Please email me moc.liamtoh|retep_ssilyab#moc.liamtoh|retep_ssilyab to help me meet your needs.

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