Android: It's not just a tablet or a smartphone

Scotty's notes for his Android presentation:

1. For the "mirror" streaming connection you need a "dongle". The one used is the Samsung SAEADT10 from Cost: 56 Euros.

2. Android tablets with a USB connection and Bluetooth will allow the use of a cable-free Bluetooth keyboard and WiFi mouse.

3. The Android App "Teamviewer" was used to control my home Win 7 laptop which also had a Windows version of Teamviewer installed and running.
You can set up a list of pre-defined computers so that you do not have to enter a User Name and Password each time you connect.

4. Anti-Virus: In general, the FREE Android AV apps provide the same protection capabilities as the paid-for ones.

5. The on-board standard Android screen keyboard can also be used to do e-mails using voice.

6. "Redirect" was the app used to change the location of downloaded data such as movies.

7. Google Now app was used for the voice questions, such as "When is sunset?", "Weather", et al.

8. The launcher I demonstrated is called "Smart Launcher Pro".

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