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Android is an operating system (OS) which is derived from the free Linux OS.

Android became an official OS in 2008 and new versions are now developed by Google
Each device manufacturer does tinker with Android so not all versions are alike ; this does lead to problems but even so Android is the world leader in Mobile OS.

There are many brands ranging from well known names such as Samsung to now recognised Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei.

Android devices range from 4 " to 6.x" smartphones and from 7" to 12" tablets.
There are also hybrids called "phablets" which combine smartphones and tablets generally sized from 5.5" and above.

The commonly used updated OS version is 6.x, called Marshmallow, as all versions are named after confectionery.

Version 7.x is now appearing on devices and is named "Nougat".

If you need assistance with your device or help on deciding what to buy see Scotty or other members of the Javea Computer Club's Android Group. "

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