AGM Minutes Feb 12th 2009


Minutes of the 24th Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 12th February 2009 at 10.30am (Second Call) at the Arenal Clubhouse, Edificio Arenal, Avda Tamirits, Bloque 1 (Sotano), Javea, Alicante
62 Members attended. Apology received from Isabel Tugwell




Proposer / Seconder


Last Minutes

Unanimously accepted for signature.

David Decker / David Franklin


Matters Arising

To be discussed at the Forum immediately after this Meeting.

Treasurer's Report

Richard explained that the first document was an overview of what happened this year compared with the previous year. The Accounts were audited by Rebecca Millington.
Income: Our attendance fees were slightly down, our disk sales were very much down as we do not now produce welcome, tutorial or utilities disks. New members and renewals much the same. Shop sales slightly down, Unearned Income mostly bank interest. We received €1400 from 3 year deposit maturing.
Expenses: We did not spend as much on equipment as the previous year. Income less expenses €600.10 gain The money carried forward from 2007 was €34783.22 plus difference of €600.10 totalling €35383.32.
Other Expenses: explained on the next page.
Sponsorship: We did not spend anything this year. On the previous year we paid for our own prizes as CAM defaulted.
Telephone: is down. We have got rid of YA and gone to Telefonica.
Bridge Club: Up by €385 as in the previous year we had a reduction because of the flooding.
At the end of the year out total income was up and expenses less then in the previous year. The contribution to the Bridge Club will increase by 2% over the next 2 years.
Financial Forecast: shows a projected loss of €3415.
Bank Charges: are high. We changed our bank to Bancaja but still kept CAM accounts running, and although we had cancelled YA they continued to take money from CAM and when we paid a big cheque into Bancaja it bounced and we were charged. Our money is in Bancaja deposit €30000, Bancaja current account €4955.08 plus floats €200 and cash 228.24. The net worth of the Club is €60981.04 comprising money and equipment.
Richard will supply copies of the accounts if requested.

Chairman's Report

Before coming to her Report Chris wanted to explain about the Mesh Account which had been set up by the Club to supply people with broadband. The Mesh has now been closed and taken over mainly by Lliberweb. Jim English continues to run Pego. She said we had made a lot of money from it and €11,177.94 will be transferred to the Club accounts. The initial investment was €3000. She acknowledged that the increase was due to all the volunteers who had worked tirelessly without payment.
David Decker enquired what happened to our equipment. Chris explained that clients had paid for it themselves.
She went on to her Report a copy of which is attached to the file copy of these Minutes. She thanked the Committee and non Committee workers and also the tutors and others who had helped Members with their problems. She said that four Committee Members were eligible for re-election and two new Members were proposed for election.


Vice President




Reg Cutts

Win Jones

David Parton



Huw Griffiths

Ann Jones

Win Jones


Vic Tattersall

Ann Jones

Fred Watts


Rob Westlands

Derek Mawson

Derek Franklin


Ron Moss

Vic Tattersall

R Jarvis


Mervyn Hayes

Morris Gray

Mike Easter


6 Appointment of Auditor Richard proposed Rebecca Millington who had ably audited the Accounts this time. Unanimously accepted Richard Wareham
Chris Betterton-Jones
7 Motions Put Forward by Members None. Two letters had been received but these had been dealt with in Committee as not subjects for AGM.

The Meeting Closed at 11.25. D.Lutter gave a vote of thanks to the Committee.

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