Everything You Need to Know about JCC


The Club meets at “The Club House”, Edificio Arenal-80, Avenida Tamarits, Javea, three times a week from 9.30 am until around 12.30, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

MONDAY sessions are unstructured and primarily for TROUBLESHOOTING hardware and software. If you have a problem with your PC, ask at the Cash Desk for a 'NUMBER' and a 'troubleshooter' will provide help in 'numerical order'. It's also a 'Club Day' for chatting with your friends or other Club Members.

TUESDAY is normally for meetings of the Special Interest Groups. However we also hold Workshops and provide 'Troubleshooting' help.

Each THURSDAY, from early-September until the following July, we hold talks, either as an interactive FORUM or as a demonstration. Talks are from 11.00 until 12.00, on a topic of general computing interest. The last THURSDAY of the month is a general Club Day. This particular Thursday is intended as a 'social' day for Members to 'chat' to other Members and complimentary drinks and nibbles are provided from 11.30.

If you can contribute by speaking about computers or similar topics of interest, or know of someone who can, please contact a Committee Member at moc.liamg|bulcretupmocaevaj#moc.liamg|bulcretupmocaevaj or a Committee Member.
Please feel free to suggest topics for talks.


The Club has Audio/Visual equipment for use by speakers including PCs and a multimedia projector, Wireless Internet connection and public address system. Our programme of talks and presentations is publicised on the Club Web Page and in the Weekly NewsLetter that is sent to Members by the President.


Special Interest Groups meet on alternate Tuesdays. (see Club Website for details of which groups meet on which Tuesdays). To date the groups are: Genealogy; PC-TV Connections; Android & Linux Users; Kindle: Video Editing (every 4 weeks); Hand-Crafted Card Making; Hardware , and Apple Users. Whether you wish to either join a group or request the setting up of a new Group, just turn up at a Club and ask at the Cash Desk to speak to a Committee Member.


The Jávea Computer Club has its own Web Page on the Internet, which provides information about the Committee, the Club’s activities, Club Programme, Special Interest Groups and useful links. E-mails can be sent to the Club and to Committee members through links on the web site, which is at:
Our E-mail address is: moc.liamg|bulcretupmocaevaj#moc.liamg|bulcretupmocaevaj

The Club has the very latest Fibre Optic connection which provides 300Mb and which can be freely accessed during Club Sessions. Members can use the Internet connection via a networked Club PC or link up their laptop to surf the Net.


The Club runs an on-line E-mail forum (jcchelpline) where members can ask computer-related questions. The forum is moderated by Morris Gray. For further information and how to join see our website.


We also have a number of Google Group accounts, for each of the Special Interest Groups (SIGS) which allow members of those Groups to receive and exchange information. The Club’s “Wiki” website (see above), apart from letting you know what is going on, is a source of a lot of useful information and links to other websites, details about local computer shops and even a link to online tuition.


Club members can obtain specials terms on computer supplies from some of the computer shops in the area, on production of your membership badge. Check the Club’s website:
(Contents/Commercial Links/Local Computer Shops) for further information.


These are held on the first Sunday of every month. If you wish to raise any points, then pass them on to any Committee Member in good time for the meeting, and then pester us for feedback.


This is held at the beginning of the year, in February. The JCC is a Registered Club and our Articles of Association (in English and Spanish) are available for inspection.


Equipment brought to the Club is the responsibility of the owners. Neither the Club nor Individual Club Members can be held liable for any claimed loss or damage to equipment or individuals resulting from club activities. (All Club Publications seek to protect the intellectual copyright of authors. Content may not be reproduced without the written assent of the author).

Jávea Computer Club: NIF G03768496

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